Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you have high blood pressure?

Len Rome's Local Health: Do you have high blood pressure?

(WYTV) – How’s your blood pressure this morning?

A new study from the Cleveland Clinic revealed that many people had higher blood pressure during the pandemic, and we’re still seeing new cases so it’s not over yet.

Dr. Luke Laffin from the Cleveland Clinic says the stress from the pandemic has caused trouble for many.

“We studied almost 500,000 individuals and we looked at pre-pandemic changes in blood pressure and post-pandemic, during the pandemic, changes in blood pressure to assess if some of the consequences of the pandemic would increase blood pressure and we definitely saw that.”

Blood pressure levels went up between April and December of 2020, which is around the same time we were told to stay home and follow other restrictions.

This hypertension affected men, women, young and old but especially women. So why the hike? 

We were trapped at home, not moving much, drinking more, feeling more stress, sleeping less.

The cure? Get out more, get moving, drink less, control stress and sleep soundly. Your blood pressure will thank you.

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