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Exercise is medicine

(WYTV) – For cancer patients and cancer survivors, exercise can be an important part of getting and staying well, but how much exercise?

Edward Laskowski, M.D., doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic says that cancer treatments can take a toll on your body, though regular exercise can help lessen those effects.

“It helps us feel less anxious. It helps us feel less depressed. One of the key side effects of some cancer treatment is on the heart, and exercise has tremendous benefit for the heart,” Laskowski said.

New, updated exercise guidelines for cancer patients and survivors suggest 30 minutes of exercise three times per week, with resistance training. That’s a total of 90 minutes of aerobic activity.

It’s less than the 150 minutes a week recommended for the general population, any movement is good movement.

Exercise not only improves survival rates in patients undergoing treatment, it can help prevent seven different kinds of cancers, including colon and breast.

Exercise is medicine.

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