Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you have a thyroid problem?


Thyroid problems can mask themselves as IBS, depression and many more internal problems

(WYTV) – Do you know if you might have a thyroid problem? The disease is often easy to miss.

Symptoms of thyroid disease can disguise itself as irritable bowel syndrome, depression or other problems that may not look like a troubled thyroid at all.

“They can come in with, saying that, ‘I’m not able to sleep through the night,’ or, ‘I’m having diarrhea,’ or, you know, ‘I’m just hot all the time, I’m sweating all the time, I’m losing weight for no reason, I’m hungry all the time, but I’m losing weight,’ so, these are the symptoms that often bring people to the doctor,” said Dr. Shirisha Avadhanula of The Cleveland Clinic.

The thyroid helps regulate metabolism, tells the heart when to beat and even regulates moods.

At times, it can be over or under active.

Both men and women are susceptible to thyroid, but it is more commonly seen with women.

A blood test can find a faulty thyroid.

Good news, the disease is very treatable.

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