Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you have a sick child at home?


When older children get sick, it's best to have them stay in their rooms to cut down on exposure

(WYTV) – The cold and flu season can be especially hard on our kids, but having a sick child at home doesn’t necessarily mean the entire family should catch the bug.

You can increase your chances of staying healthy and keeping everyone else in the house safe while caring for a sick little one.

Dr. Frank Esper of The Cleveland Clinic says the first thing you should do is make one person responsible for caring for that child. 

“If there is one caregiver in the house, make sure that’s the caregiver and that’s the main caregiver, rather than every hour it’s someone new, because then you’re just exposing more and more individuals.”

When older children get sick, it’s best to have them stay in their rooms to cut down exposure for the rest of the family.

Don’t share utensils, cups or drinks and remind everyone to wash their hands.

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