Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you have a pet allergy?


A special blood test can help narrow down which types of animals are causing a reaction

(WYTV) – Something’s making you sneeze around the house, and it might be your cat or dog.

There’s a way to drill down to what’s making you miserable. Dr. Michael Benninger of The Cleveland Clinic says when it comes to a pet allergy, you can usually blame dander.

“People are allergic to animal dander. The other thing is that animals pick up dust mites, and so dust mites may be part of the whole picture, particularly, if there. But mostly it’s a dander issue,” Benninger said.

With traditional skin allergy testing, most people who test positive for cats will also test positive for dogs, but they may only be allergic to one of them.

New advances in allergy testing are making it possible for doctors to tell exactly which type of animal is causing your allergic reaction.

If you have a traditional skin test or blood test and it comes back positive for an allergy, it might be worth asking your doctor for what’s called component testing. That is a special blood test that looks for specific proteins.

That can narrow it down even further and find the best treatment.

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