Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you fall asleep in front of the TV?


New research links exposure to artificial light at night to weight gain in women

(WYTV) – Do you fall asleep in front of the TV?

The American Medical Association says exposure to artificial light at night may actually cause some women to put on weight.

Dr. Reena Mehra of The Cleveland Clinic recommends putting down the electronics before bed.

“Really try to reduce, or minimize, the time that you are spending on electronic devices, on watching TV, making sure that the bedroom is dark when you’re sleeping, so, environmentally, just doing all you can to minimize that artificial light exposure at night,” she said.

The researchers looked at different kinds of light: TV light, night lights, street lights and they found that connection. Especially TV light; too much of it and you gain weight.

Artificial light exposure has an effect on our circadian rhythms, which can set you up for metabolic disorders.

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