(WYTV) – We are into deer hunting season now in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and if you’re planning to hunt, it’s important to know how to properly field dress the deer and process the meat. It’s not like running down to the grocery and picking out a nice cut at the butcher’s department.

Beth Czerwony, a registered dietitian from the Cleveland Clinic, has this advice for hunters who want to enjoy their catch:

“A lot of times, preparing deer meat is very similar to preparing any other kind of meat that you would have. You just have to be very careful… because understanding that if you are going to go deer hunting, you have to a lot of the times prepare the meat in the field.”

If you are going to field dress a deer, you need to be very careful and avoid nicking any of the organs, which can cause cross-contamination.

Once you get the deer home, make sure you’re wearing gloves and working on a clean surface, otherwise, you could risk food poisoning. Some deer sampled in Pennsylvania had even been exposed to the coronavirus.

Venison is worth trying; it’s high in protein and low in fat. You can make venison burgers, steaks, or add it to a stew or chili.