(WYTV)- In a recent positive parenting report, we reminded you of the importance of protecting your children with sunscreen this summer.

You may have seen some recipes online, say on Pinterest, for example for homemade sunscreen.

People share homemade versions of products across the internet all the time and you’ll see sun protection come up in the summer. Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus studied do-it-yourself sunscreen recipes posted on Pinterest.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates all the sunscreen products you buy at the drugstore, everything is commercially available. These products must list ingredients and have a proven level of both UVA and UVB protection. The do-it-yourself Pinterest creams fall short.

“When we don’t know the effectiveness of homemade sunscreen recipes that have been shown online, we’re taking a risk with our children, with ourselves, and that risk is a really bad sunburn or skin cancer in the future,” said Laura McKenzie PhD.

Don’t get tripped up on the words all natural or homemade, it’s best to stick to regulated products when it comes to your child’s safety.