Len Rome’s Local Health: Did you get a new cell phone this year?


Doctors have recently seen more and more cell phone related injuries

(WYTV) – The American Medical Association wants to remind us to be careful with our cell phones.

No, it’s not radiation in your ear, but how you behave with your phone.

We drive distracted with our phone, and we cross the street with our heads buried in them, which is just as dangerous.

In the past 20 years, doctors have seen more cell phone-related injuries.

Dr. Baruch Fertel, of The Cleveland Clinic, said it all comes down to paying attention.

“It really highlights the importance of paying attention, connecting, coming back and focusing on what we’re doing. In today’s world, where everything is so instant, we always want to multitask, we always want to save time, get so many things done; it could be harmful.”

The medical association looked at the data on more than 2,500 people, mostly younger people, who hurt their heads and necks. They suffered cuts, bruises and concussions while distracted on the phone.

As we text more, we have to remember that looking at our screens requires more focus than just talking on the phone.

Just don’t look at your screens while you’re driving, cycling or even walking.

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