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Len Rome’s Local Health: Diagnosing pancreatic cancer


The survival rate after five years is only nine percent

(WYTV) – We’re making progress beating a lot of cancers, but some, such as pancreatic cancer, still give us trouble. The survival rate after five years is only nine percent.

And that’s usually because of a late diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer starts in a cyst and doctors test the fluid inside the cyst, but Ohio State University has a new way to find it early.

Ohio State has developed a tool that allows doctors to do a sort of virtual biopsy, giving them a microscopic view of the cyst wall to make a diagnosis with complete confidence.

“Looking at the image pattern, which comes from the cyst wall, which comes as a direct video feed in real time, we can conclude what the diagnosis is,” said Dr. Somashekar Krishma, gastroenterologist.

It means surgeons can go in and eliminate the cyst and keep cancer from developing. They say they can do this with 97% accuracy.

Researchers from Ohio State are now training doctors in hospitals across the country to perform this new procedure and how to look at the images to accurately diagnose precancerous cysts.

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