(WYTV)- Doctors can use what’s called a vagus nerve stimulation device to help people recover from a stroke.

It creates new pathways in the brain as the patients exercises, it works faster than rehabilitation alone.

The vagus nerve stimulator gets to work right away. Using this device along with a rehabilitation exercise can help patients recover their lost strength and many times get back some function in their hands and arms.

“We can stimulate the nervous system in a way that we can then augment the body’s ability to recover from something like a stroke,” said Dr. Jonathan Parker of the Mayo Clinic.

Surgeons place the vagus nerve stimulation device, like a pacemaker, beneath the skin on the chest and connect it to the left vagus nerve. Now, it’s ready to work with both physical and occupational therapy. And at least half of those patients were able to regain a good amount of their motor strength.

The vagus nerve stimulation works best after what’s called an ischemic stroke, when a blockage cuts off the blood supply to part of your brain.