Len Rome’s Local Health: Creating a comfortable workspace at home


The key to a pain-free workday starts with a creative setup

(WYTV) –  Are you working from home? No comfy office chair? No neat workspace?

The coronavirus has forced many of us to leave the comfort of our offices and work from home. That can come with all sorts of aches and pains.

The key to a pain-free workday starts with a creative setup.

“Figure out how to use boxes or books to create a better ergonomic set-up,” said Andrew Bang, with the Cleveland Clinic. “Rules of thumb are just trying to think, ‘How do I help gravity sit equally upon my neck, shoulders, low back and my wrists?'”

 Sit with your ears lined up over your shoulders, looking straight ahead. Stacking books is a good way to get your monitor at the right height.

Keep your elbows and wrists resting at a 90-degree angle and if you have to, support your lower back with a pillow.

It’s best to avoid using your laptop on a couch or bed, because looking down while sitting on soft surfaces can overstretch your lower back and neck.

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