Len Rome’s Local Health: Could your child have autism?


Early intervention is key

(WYTV) – Doctors today find that about one in every 59 American children is autistic and we tend to diagnose girls later in life than boys.

Many times, when children are on the mild end of the autism spectrum, the signs and symptoms don’t start to become noticeable until elementary school.

Dr. Veena Ahuja from the Cleveland Clinic says girls are likely diagnosed later because their autism traits are often more subtle.

“We see the boys coming in, oftentimes the complaint is that they’re not able to sit in their seat, they’re wandering away, they’re doing things that are kind of in people’s faces where you realize it more. Girls are definitely more likely to be able to blend in a little bit more until they get to an older age where you start to realize that they’re not interacting as much as their peers.”

Some parents may suspect something but don’t bring their children in for an evaluation because they’re afraid, but autism is not something to be ashamed of.

Early intervention is key. Even if a child is diagnosed well into the school year, it’s still important to get the help they need down the line.

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