Len Rome’s Local Health: Cleaning surfaces from coronavirus


We know it can live suspended in the air for three hours

(WYTV) – A reminder this morning about where the coronavirus lives: it can be all around us for a long time.

We know it can live suspended in the air for three hours, on cardboard for 24 hours and on stainless steel and plastic for two to three days if not longer and this is why we’re always telling you to wash your hands.

“Remember that when we’re talking about the spread of a virus, we’re not just talking about person-to-person transmission, we’re talking about place-to-place transmission. Everywhere you go, you’re putting yourself at risk somewhere where someone with COVID-19 could have been before you,” said Dr. Nikita Desai.

So, you can pick up the virus in the air or by touching contaminated objects. Make sure you wash your hands frequently, especially after visiting public places.

Stay at home if you possibly can and avoid unnecessary travel. That’s the way we’re going to beat this thing as soon as possible.

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