Len Rome’s Local Health: Choking Hazards


Child-proofing your home could prevent a hospital trip.

(WYTV) – Children love to explore and sometimes their curiosity leads to swallowing things that they shouldn’t.

The Centers for Disease Control looked into this and found that the number of kids under age six who accidentally swallowed foreign objects has doubled in the past 20 years.

Those objects are usually coins and little batteries.

Parents need to know which objects in their home contain those button batteries and if they are secure.

Dr. Eva Love of The Cleveland Clinic says, “The number one recommendation made in the study was to make sure that you use some sort of child-proofing device. So, if you have, for example, a button battery, that if it’s screwed in – if it’s really tightly screwed in – it doesn’t mean that you should still leave it out – but making sure there’s just, really, as little access as possible.”

Coins can stick in an airway or in the eating tube and if that happens, a surgeon might have to remove it.

And button batteries can make holes in the eating tube and in the intestines, leading to tissue damage and even death.

Parents should have the number for poison control on a cell phone, 1-800 222-1222, plus your child’s doctor or 911.

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