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Len Rome’s Local Health: Children’s posture while learning from home


Yes, they're young, but kids aren't immune from damage that comes with poor posture

(WYTV) – Is your child learning from home this morning? Maybe up there in their room or at the dining room table?

Make sure their “classroom” is comfortable. You should help your kids adjust to the new set-up.

Bad posture can hurt them. Sure they’re small, but they have to sit up straight just like you do.

“In a little, tiny person we think, ‘Oh they’re made of rubber, they’re OK. We can throw them in these chairs, they can slouch, they’re young, they can deal with it.’ When in fact, this is the most important time in their lives to be structurally aware of keeping that bio flow in check,” said Chad Adams, with the Cleveland Clinic.

If your child has to sit in an adult chair, add some pillows and a foot stool so no one’s hunched over with their feet dangling.

The computer monitor should be at eye level and arms at a 90-degree angle on the keyboard.

With a laptop, get an external keyboard to help keep wrists and elbows in the right position.

Give them recess, too. Your kids should be taking little breaks to stretch throughout the day.

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