Len Rome’s Local Health: Butter or margarine?


Which is better for your health?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – What’s on your breakfast table this morning?

Is it butter or margarine? What’s the difference?

Butter is a dairy product, which is made from milk or cream of a cow. Margarine is made from vegetable oil.

They may look similar, and you can use them the same way, but when it comes to heart health, there’s a difference.

Margarine may be a bit better for your heart. It comes down to good fats versus bad fats.

“Margarine is likely going to have more unsaturated fat; whereas, butter is going to have saturated fat. Saturated fat is known to raise bad cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol,” said Katherine Zeratsky, dietician.

However, not all margarine is the same.      

Look for a margarine that comes in tub rather than stick form. It’s a softer, more liquid-type product so it should contain more unsaturated fats

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