Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you taking care of your heart?


Waiting even a couple of hours for medical care can reduce your chance of survival

(WYTV) – Just because the Coronavirus is around doesn’t mean we can stop thinking about other health problems we might have and might have to watch.

Emergency room visits are down because people don’t want to step inside and catch the virus. Cleveland Clinic physician Dr. Samir Kapadia says COVID-19 or not, you must go to the hospital if you are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack.

“You should not be afraid of seeking medical care. You should be able to use the emergency room, virtual visits, or contact your doctors. Do not make all the decisions by yourself and be checked out when you have any symptoms.”

Chest pain, chest pressure, shortness of breath, arm pain, jaw pain and nausea are all signs of a possible heart attack and are reasons to get to the ER immediately.

Waiting even a couple of hours for medical care can really reduce your chance of survival.

Even if you’ve been recently discharged from the hospital for a heart problem, don’t be afraid to return for follow-up care.

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