Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you social distancing?


Don't forget, the virus spreads very quickly

(WYTV) – The coronavirus has has been especially dangerous for older people, their immune systems have a tough time handing it and they may have other heath problems on top of that.

An elderly person who gets the virus could land in the hospital quickly.

Thats why Dr. Ronan Factora/Cleveland Clinic says it’s vital to continue healthy habits – including a good diet, exercise and keeping those chronic medical problems in check.

“The one thing that you want to keep in mind throughout all this is that you still should not ignore your overall health. Aside from COVID-19, people who are older still have a number of health problems that still require surveillance and management, and there will be times when those also flare up, should still seek medical care when it’s important.”

It’s also important to keep up that social distancing, staying at home when possible and maintaining good hand hygiene.

And don’t forget, the virus spreads very quickly.

Those who are able, should take advantage of phone or virtual medical appointments to keep out of public places.

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