Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you on an emotional coronavirus rollercoaster?


It can grow more exhausting every day but psychologists say the secret to a smooth ride is refusing to feel helpless

(WYTV) – It can grow exhausting every day, with up-and-down coronavirus numbers. Our “new normal” can feel like an emotional roller coaster.

Does this ride ever stop? Does it even slow down?

Psychologists say the secret to a smooth ride is refusing to feel helpless.

Scott Bea, with the Cleveland Clinic, says to bring something positive to your life.

“What can I do today, this week and tomorrow that might make a difference in how I’m feeling? How can I develop? How does that support favorable mood states? And how can I be in touch with people that also have a more uplifting view, rather than the ones that are singing a sad song?”

Uncertainty breeds anxiety so rather than looking too far into an uncertain future, take one day at a time.

Giving a gift to someone can boost your mood as well.

This may be a good time to put your energy into creating new, healthy habits.

Just be patient and keep in mind that it takes around two months — 66 days — for a habit to stick.

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