Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you hitting the pool this summer?


Many pools now have occupancy limits to reduce crowd size

(WYTV) – While school is out and kids are eager for summertime fun, the swimming pool is a big attraction, but this year we have the virus.

Pool maintenance should include disinfectants with chlorine or bromine.

Disinfect the handrails, lounge chairs, slides and, of course, the restrooms.

But what about the water in the pool?

Dr. Frank Esper of The Cleveland Clinic says the virus can linger here.

“This is something that really is spreading, to this point, through the air on these droplets. It is unlikely that this is going to be going through the water. I don’t expect that pools will be a problem, except for the fact that it brings a bunch of people together in one small area.”

Many pools now have occupancy limits to reduce crowd size, but you’ll also want to practice social distancing and don’t forget to bring a mask.

Because public pools bring groups of people together and include children, they’re probably not the best place to hang out this summer if you’re considered high risk for the virus.

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