Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you going out to eat?


It's up to us to make the healthier choice

(WYTV) – Many of us are back to eating out again, but nutritionists say it means we’re also back to making not so good choices.

Restaurants do offer healthy options, such as a salads instead of fries, but it’s up to us to make the better choice and a report in the Journal of Nutrition says we’re not.

Camille Skoda, RD from The Cleveland Clinic, says it’s okay to indulge in a calorie-rich menu item from time to time, but you should aim to keep most of your meals homemade.

“It’s not surprising that the meals we’re cooking at home are much healthier than when we eat out. We do have more control over what we’re putting in those, usually more control over the quality of the ingredients. If we keep those meals that we’re eating at home to the foundation of our diet, then being able to splurge a little bit when you go out to eat is not such a big issue.”

If you find yourself eating out often, order grilled  instead of fried and keep it simple, such as a piece of chicken and non-starchy vegetables.

Restaurants now list the nutritional content on their menus, knowing what’s in foods may help you make better choices.

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