Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you an emotional eater?


The office break room is often a dumping ground for free food

(WYTV) – What’s on the table in your office? The office break room is often a dumping ground for free food.

When food is free for the taking, it can be tough to pass it by, especially if we’re having a rough day.

Susan Albers, a Psychologist from The Cleveland Clinic, says that emotional eating is to blame.

“A lot of eating happens in the office around emotional eating. We get stressed at work and we become very vulnerable to that free food, it makes it much easier to go to the break room and devour those muffins, donuts or anything that is hanging out there,” Alberts said.

If you’re feeling stressed at work, take a short breather and walk around instead of making a beeline for the food.

Social eating is contagious, so have a healthy snack for yourself stashed nearby.

Think about your motivation. Why are you eating? Are you genuinely hungry?

Here’s a suggestion, chose one day each month to celebrate birthdays, this lowers the number of sweets traveling throughout the office.

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