Len Rome's Local Health: Creating boundaries for bringing work home

A study found that the expectation of checking emails can cause anxiety

(WYTV) - When you're home, you may just want to relax but find yourself checking work emails or doing other work.

One study found that just the expectation of having to check work emails during non-work hours can make you anxious.

Dr. Joseph Rock, from the Cleveland Clinic, said he creates boundaries between his home life and work.

"My phone's going to stay in the office when we're eating dinner. After 7:00, I'm turning it down and even if I have to check it later for a few minutes, there's going to be a period of time that I'm not available. So I can actually be where I am with you guys instead of being with you but distracted by something else."

The study discovered employees who expected to check messages after-hours experienced anxiety and relationship strain with their significant others. It was unhealthy for them, too.

Keep in mind, our brains are naturally wired for short periods of stress and long periods of recuperation. So start by having a talk with your loved one about how work messages might be affecting your personal relationship.

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