(WYTV)- Finally, they should be gone, or nearly so, all those holiday cookies and treats.

But they were so good, loaded with fat, crammed with sodium. All highly processed and yummy.

Making the switch from highly-processed junk food to healthier whole foods can be challenging. Dietitians tell us these foods are often stripped of their nutritional value even though they taste so good to many of us.

“We like taste and convenience, and those foods generally fit that bill,” said dietician Kate Zeratsky.

Yes, we do and we are creatures of habit. The good news is habits can be broken but have a plan first.
One option is removing the temptation.

Put out a bowl of fruit. Try gradually cutting back, and pairing, say ice cream, with a new food, cutup fruit.
And option three: replace that sweet candy or cookie with a piece of fresh fruit.

These options should give you the freedom and some permission to find out what works without feeling like it’s such a tough task.