This food nugget comes to us from the website The Vacationer and it’s an update on the Thanksgiving foods we don’t like.

And the list may surprise you.
Last year, cranberry sauce was third on the list, at least for side dishes.
But this year, it’s number one in a survey of a thousand people….the survey did not distinguish between home made and the stuff that plops from a can with the ridges on the side.

But number two is the main entree: nearly 30% of all American adults dislike turkey…they’ll pass it up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Will they eat ham instead?
No, that’s among the top five more disliked.

So here’s the list for this year, from one source, anyway…

1. Cranberry Sauce 
2. Turkey 
3. Green Bean Casserole 
4. Ham 
5. Coleslaw 
6. Sweet Potatoes or Yams
7. Stuffing/Dressing
8. Pumpkin Pie
9. Carrots
10. Mashed Potatoes

For more on the list, check out the link..SURVEY FROM THEVACATIONER.COM