Learning remotely, some kids suffer from digital eye strain


(WYTV) – Some of our children are still learning remotely, the only way they can when they’re in quarantine. So what effect does all that screen time have on their young eyes?

Pediatric ophthalmologists call this digital eye strain. Your child might complain of headaches, a dry eye feeling and blurry vision.

The best way to treat that is by cutting down on screen time.

“Other things you could do depending on how severe your symptoms are trying to remember to blink, which can be hard to remind yourself to blink. But even just resting your eyes, closing them for a few seconds, can help. Some people do use artificial tears to help re-lubricate their eyes. Usually you don’t have to do that if you can take enough breaks and limit the screen time,” said Dr. Allison Babiuch, a pediatric ophthalmologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Another helpful tip: For every 20 minutes of screen time, you give your eyes a 20 second break and try to look 20 feet away.

The symptoms related to digital eye strain are all temporary and shouldn’t cause any long-term side effects.

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