Lead poisoning comes from many places


(WYTV) – Lead poisoning is real and sometimes see it in our children. It can be extremely harmful to their health.

We took it out of our paint years ago, but older homes can still have flakes of it that attract young kids.
It can also turn up in our soil and water as well as some imported consumer products.

“What we know about lead poisoning is that kids who have lead exposure in the home are often at risk for behavior problems, learning difficulties and chronic health concerns as well as GI problems, headaches, abdominal pain, things like that,” said Dr. Roopa Thakur, a physician at the Cleveland Clinic.

What can parents do to help prevent lead poisoning? Remove any hazardous lead materials from your home.
Clean dusty surfaces and mop your floors and leave your shoes at the door after being outside.

We can detect lead poisoning with a blood test and while we can treat it, there is no cure.

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