(WYTV)- And the busiest airport in the world is….Atlanta, Georgia’s!

Not New York or Chicago or Los Angeles or London on anywhere else. Here’s why.

First, Delta is one of the world’s largest airlines in the world and it’s headquartered in Atlanta, making Atlanta the largest hub in the world. The joke goes that if you’re on your way to St. Peter and the Pearly Gates, you have to connect through Atlanta first.

Another reason, more than 80% of the population of this country lives within a two hour flight of Atlanta.
The weather is generally good, meaning fewer delays and canceled flights and there is little competition for the airspace around Atlanta.

You will find no other large airport within 150 miles.

Atlanta is an attractive place for low-cost airlines. Frontier, Southwest and Spirit are very big there.
The Atlanta aiport, it’s official name is Hartsfield-Jackson, handled 1,900 flights and more than 207,000 passengers each day in 2021.

Finally, the size of it all: Atlanta’s airport employs more than 63,000 people, covers more than 4,700 acres, has more than 30,000 parking spots, 192 gates (with more coming) five runways, the tallest control tower in North America, and a fully fenced-in dog park.