(WYTV) – Can you really cash one of those giant novelty checks?
Yes, you can….you can try.
Many banks have small print in their terms of service saying they have the option of saying no to any non-standard payment.
So while the giant novelty checks are technically legal and valid to cash, banks can, if they choose, reject them.
Those banks that would take it would most likely chuckle, then write down all the relevant information on some bank stationary and cash that.
The check has to have all the right stuff on it, including the payer’s name and account number, the name of the bank where the payer’s account is held, the date and an instruction to pay.

For example, “pay to the order of”, the recipient’s name, the dollar amount of the check in numbers and written out and the signature of the account owner, that’s what you need. But there is no standard size for a check and there’s no special check paper.
There are plenty of stories of people writing checks on cocktail napkins, on doors and one taxpayer sent a check to the IRS written on the shirt off his back.
If your bank doesn’t have any special rules, your giant check with the correct info, should go through…except in the deposit slot at the ATM.