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Keeping dad healthy as he gets older


(WYTV) – It’s always a good time to talk to your dad about his health, especially as he starts to get older.

By age 50, men should be getting tested for colon and prostate cancers, as well as lung cancer if they’ve smoked.

Then there’s the big one.

“The number-one killer of men in this country is heart disease,” said Dr. Donald Ford, with the Cleveland Clinic. “All of the factors that contribute to heart disease, which include cholesterol and blood pressure, presence of diabetes, these are all important. So these are things that we do look for and screen on a regular basis, typically at an annual exam.”

Otherwise, tell Dad to keep a healthy weight, exercise and eat well, and to remember some ailments come with no symptoms. Don’t wait until something feels funny to see a doctor.

It’s also important to know their family history, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to testing for certain diseases.

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