Jim Loboy : Hold on Mario Andretti. Before you get control and learn how to drive stick shift car..I’m gonna show you the ropes.
Where is this seat belt in this car?

Len Rome: You want me to show you how to use a seat belt Jimmy?

Jim Loboy: If I could find it. Now first thing I want you to do is put your hand on my hand and feel what I’m doing. First, second, third..One, two, three..and I have the clutch pressed down while I’m doing this.
The only time you press the clutch is when you want to change gears.
When you press the clutch, that releases the gears so you can put it into another gear. And then the gears come back together.

Len Rome: Now had you put it into first gear without hitting the clutch?

Jim Loboy: You would’ve heard a loud grinding noise.

Len Rome: Oh, great!


Jim Loboy: And we stalled! Which is what happens to everybody!
You can’t just take your foot off it fast, it’s a feel thing. There you go..now just drive with the gas. Let the clutch completely out. When you get a little bit faster, press the clutch and pull it into second gear.

Len Rome: And I can keep my foot on the gas while I’m doing that?

Jim Loboy: Yeah, press the clutch and bring it down to second, let out the clutch, there you go. And you’re driving a stick-shift car! I’m so proud of you, I feel like I had a baby!
Clutch down, up to three, let out the clutch. Beautiful, there you go..you got this Man! It’s a feel thing, that’s all it is.

Len Rome: There we go!

Jim Loboy: Someone’s going out and buying a stick shift car today!!