Is the time change affecting your mood?


Counselors say, as much as possible, don't dwell on what's dark and gloomy

(WYTV) – So we’ve had a week to get used to darkness in the very early evening and it’s only going to get darker earlier. How are you holding up?

Be careful not to slip into a low-grade depression, especially with the virus all around us — still a very real threat.

Jane Pernotto-Ehrman, with the Cleveland Clinic, says counselors have this advice — as much as possible, don’t dwell on what’s dark and gloomy.

“Refocus to the good in your life. We woke up today. You feel good? You have clothes on? You have food in the fridge? You have clean water coming out of the tap? You’re doing better than a lot of people in our communities and in the world.”

Get enough sleep, keep a daily routine and get some fresh air.

For some, meditation can help, even if it’s just five minutes a day.

Bright light first thing in the morning — even lamp light — can energize you.

 If your depression doesn’t seem to be getting better on its own, talk to a specialist.

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