Is it safe to get both the flu and COVID vaccine?


(WYTV)- Remember last year and the flu?

No one does. We just didn’t catch it. We were all wearing masks.

The flu usually starts going around by November and December. You should get your flu vaccine by October.
And flu cases certainly were very low last year what with all the preventive things we did to protect ourselves from the coronavirus.

“We’re afraid that with, in a lot of places, masking recommendations being relaxed, that flu will spread more easily. And the fact that no one had flu last year means there’s a lot more people who are vulnerable this year,” said Priya Sampathkumar,” M.D. of Infectious Diseases at the Mayo Clinic.

A respiratory virus causes both the flu and COVID-19 and it might be hard to distinguish the two based just on symptoms.

Some cases of COVID-19 can be very mild and look exactly like the flu. Some cases of flu can be very severe and look just like COVID. The only way to know for sure when you have a respiratory illness is to get tested.

And if you haven’t been vaccinated for COVID-19 yet or need a third dose, your booster, you can get your flu shot and COVID vaccination at the same time. It’s perfectly safe.

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