Is it illegal to idle your car?


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(WYTV) – It can be really unpleasant to hop in a cold car on a cold morning. It’s tempting to start your engine remotely or in the car if you can’t and just let it idle, warming up for you for a few minutes.

But is it illegal to idle your car?

In 32 states it is. Not if you’re standing there scraping ice away, no, that’s OK, but we’re talking starting your car and leaving it alone to run.

It all has to do with pollution, and the punishments range from a written warning to a fine.

In Ohio, idling your car is illegal with a $50 fine.

Pennsylvania has different fines from county to county. West Virginia has fines between $150 and $300.

Idling can also lead to mechanical problems. “Popular Mechanics” says it can cut your engine life by stripping oil away from the cylinders and pistons.

If you still insist on warming it up, though, take no more than 30 seconds since the engine warms faster when you’re actually driving the car.

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