Interesting facts about the stuff around your neighborhood block


(WYTV) – A recently-published book, A Walk Around the Block by Spike Carlsen, points out some things you might notice if you walk around your neighborhood.

Spike says if your home address is an even number, you probably live on the north or west side of the street. If it’s an odd number, you probably live on the south or east side.

Your block is home to approximately 8.1 squirrels. North America has 66 species with a density of 1.5 squirrels per acre. Their whole lives take up just a few acres so the squirrels you see every day in your yard are the same ones, day after day.

Your mail carrier brings you 41 pounds of junk mail a year. You open maybe six in every ten pieces and you recycle only a quarter of it.

Garbage collectors will pick up 6,424 pounds of your trash each year. The largest single type of rubbish is food — 10%.

Your healthy lawn contains eight grass plants per square inch. If your lot is say, 50’x100′, you’ve got 5,760,000 blades of grass to care for. The life cycle of any single blade of grass is three to six weeks.

If you had X-ray vision, you would see that your own concrete sidewalk is typically four inches thick. Your driveway is six inches thick and the interstate highway nearby is 11 inches.

Seven in ten Americans live within a ten-minute walk of a park. In Cleveland, your chances of finding a park that close are 83%. In San Francisco, it’s 100%. No matter where you live in that city, you can step outside and in 600 seconds, wiggle your toes in the grass.

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