(WYTV) — We love fun food, so here are some fun facts about some of your favorites.

Oreo fans have bought more than 450 billion Oreo cookies since their debut in 1912. This is enough to reach the moon and back five times. Women are more likely than men to split apart their Oreo before eating it.

Do you cool off eating ice cream? No — the high fat content in the cream warms up the body. The International Ice Cream Association says vanilla is most popular ice cream flavor, followed by Chocolate Chip Mint and Cookies and Cream.

Americans eat more than four and a half billion tacos per year — that’s enough to stretch to the moon and back.

Hershey’s makes one million miles of Twizzlers every year.

Mustard is the most popular hot dog topping, with ketchup a close second, and Americans eat around 70 hot dogs per person each year. We’re all Joey Chestnuts, it just takes us a little longer.

The word “Doritos” means “little golden things.”

In 1891, William Wrigley Jr. began selling soap in Chicago and to increase sales, he gave away gum to his customers. The gum became the bigger hit and he forgot the soap.

The most popular cookie in America is the chocolate chip cookie. Ruth Wakefield invented it in 1933.

The average American eats 30 pounds of French fries per year. French fries came from Belgium, the word french described the way they were cut.

A dentist invented cotton candy in 1897, originally called Fairy Floss.

Bubble gum is pink because the inventor had no other colors on hand.

The largest cheeseburger ever made weighed 777 pounds, cooked for the Alameda County Fair in California in 2011. The giant burger contained 50 pounds of cheese, a 272-pound bun, and one million, 300 thousand calories.