(WYTV) – Some fast facts about cooking (and eating) are below.

A baby has 30,000 taste buds and adults have 10,000.

You need saliva to taste food.

Americans spend more time watching other people on television cook than they do cooking themselves.

Walmart sells more bananas than any other single item it has in stock.

Bananas glow blue under ultraviolet lights.

Charles Darwin invented the modern office chair when he added wheels to his own chair, so he could move around his office easier.

Elephants sing to each other, but their songs are too low for humans to hear.

Killer whales are not whales, they’re dolphins.

White faced capuchin monkeys greet each other by sticking their fingers up each others’ noses.

No matter how badly fingerprints are damaged, they will always grow back in their original pattern.

If you type the word “askew” into the Google search box, the entire pages tilts slightly.