Ingredients in Eggnog


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(WYTV)- What’s in that eggnog you’re drinking?

According to tradition, some raw egg but some countries such as the United States restrict the use of raw egg in many products for health reasons. Purists, though will usually demand some raw egg.

The typical ingredients are: milk, cream, sugar, some kind of alcohol such as rum, brandy, vodka, cognac or whiskey and perhaps spices, maybe some nutmeg or cinnamon. The eggnog you buy in the store often contains no alcohol, but putting alcohol in eggnog was the whole point of the drink.

Europeans began drinking it in the 17th century. Before eggnog, it was common to mix milk and wine to make a kind of milk punch, or milk and eggs and beer.

Then sometime around the 18th century eggnog made its way to America.

What about the name?

Eggs contributed to the egg part of eggnog, of course, but we’re not sure about nog. It may have come from an old English word noggin, meaning a small wooden mug and nog was also a kind of very strong beer the English brewed in the 17th century.

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