(WYTV)- You’re waiting at the airport terminal to go through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint.

But as you get to the front of the line, the TSA agent sees four letters on your boarding pass: SSSS.

What do those four letters mean, and how did they get on your pass? And what happens now?

“SSSS” means “Secondary Security Screening Selection” …you’ve been tapped for a special screening. These may include deep luggage inspections, a pat-down screening, a search for explosives. Everyone is looking at you.

But why do you have “SSSS” on your boarding pass? The TSA website tells us that security measures for your trip start well before your arrival at the airport.

The TSA works with intelligence agencies and police to share information and flag any individuals who could pose a security threat. Someone may have seen you as a possible threat.
But you’re innocent, that means, the TSA has selected you for a special search at random.
It’s nothing you did or how you look, it’s completely by chance.

You might even have used one of those pre-screening programs for your trip, you can still be picked haphazardly. Can you get “SSSS” off your boarding pass?

No, you’re stuck with it for that flight. How common is “SSSS” on a boarding pass?

We don’t know, the TSA won’t say. How were you picked at random?

The TSA won’t say.