If you’ve been fully vaccinated, specialists say safety guidelines still apply


They say you can't let your guard down just yet

(WYTV) – If you’ve gotten two vaccine shots, can you get rid of your mask?

Not quite. Infectious disease specialists say it’s important to wear a mask and practice pandemic precautions even after you’ve been vaccinated.

You can’t let your guard down just yet.

“While you may be protected, we still need to make sure that we’re still protecting all of those around us who may or may not have been vaccinated yet. So it’s still important for us to wear our masks, and to keep physical distancing and social distancing, and to make sure that we’re using hand sanitizer,” said Dr. Kristin Englund, with the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors are still trying to determine if someone who’s been vaccinated can still carry and pass the virus on to somebody who’s not vaccinated. So we still have to take precautions.

If you are spending time with people who are fully vaccinated, the safety rules still apply. Stick to masking, social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines to protect people outside of your bubble.

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