If you find you’re allergic to the pandemic pet you brought home, here’s what you can do



(WYTV) – How are you getting along with your pandemic puppy? Some people brought new pets home in the past year to keep them company during the shutdown — but now you might find you’re allergic to your new friend.

If it turns out you’re allergic to your pet, you would have had classic allergy symptoms when you first brought them home. Over time, chronic symptoms can develop.

“Typically, when you live with something you’re allergic to like a dog or a cat, you don’t get those acute symptoms of itchy, sneezy, drippy as much. You get more of the symptoms of stuffy and draining down the back of your throat,” said Dr. Sandra Hong, with the Cleveland Clinic.

You might want to visit an allergist to find out exactly what you’re allergic to — is it the dog or the pollen it brings in on its fur?

You could keep pets outdoors, or out of bedrooms or only allow them in certain parts of the house.

HEPA filters can help remove dander from the air or you can always try allergy medicine.

Also, male dogs that haven’t been neutered can be more allergenic for some people due to a certain protein in the dog’s body.

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