Humans are limited to certain speed, height and weight


Humans seem programmed to grow stronger, faster and smarter, so where is the upper limit?

We tend to break records all the time. Humans seem programmed to grow stronger, faster and smarter, so where is the upper limit?

Most Weight We Can Lift: 1,000 Pounds
The world’s strongest weight lifters can hoist half a ton. Our brains actually limit the number of muscle fibers we can use at any one time to keep us from getting hurt.

Tallest We Can Grow: 8 Feet 11.1 Inches
Robert Wadlow of Illinois reached this world record in the 1930s due to an overactive pituitary gland, but it stressed his circulatory system and his bone. He couldn’t feel his feet and he had to wear braces when he walked.

Some controversial studies have found that every inch above five feet shaves one year and four months off your life.

Most We Can Remember: 1 Million Gigabytes
Storage isn’t the problem, but retrieving all those facts and remembering them is.

Smartest We Can Get: IQ of 198
The record was set in 2012, but be glad if you get close to Einstein’s 160. If the human brain were to get bigger, it would actually be less efficient.

Fastest We Can Run: 10.5 Meters per Second
Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt broke the 100-meter world record at the 2008 Olympics and biologists say we should be able to run at least one-tenth of a second faster.

Most Friends We Can Have: 150
We’re not talking about Facebook friends, but real ones, so say the psychologists.

The founder of GoreTex insisted on separate factories that would hold no more than 150 employees, so people would be more likely to be pals.

Longest We Can Go Without Sleep: 11 Days
In 1964, 17 year old Randy Gardner of San Diego woke up at 6 a.m. to start his science project: an attempt to break the world record for days without sleep. He made it to 11 and he was irritable.

Studies have shown that rats deprived of sleep will die within 30 days.

The Longest We Can Go Without Solid Food: 382 Days
A 27-year-old man weighing 456 pounds started fasting at the University of Dundee in Scotland in 1973. He ate yeast and multivitamins, nothing with calories, and dropped to 180 pounds in a little more than a year. Don’t try this at home.

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