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How to reduce shoulder and elbow injuries when playing sports


(WYTV)- Many of our popular sports take some kind of overhead motion.

Do enough of that and you’re risking injury: to your shoulders, to your elbows.

We see this overhead arm motion in baseball, tennis, volleyball and even swimming,
all contributing to a common group of injuries to muscles and ligaments. Orthopedic surgeons tell us that when you swing your arms overhead, you have to do it the right way.

“If you’re throwing improperly, you’re using the wrong mechanics, you’re throwing with poor form. that can lead to injury, or an acute trauma. So if you get hit or your shoulder dislocates, that can also lead to injury,” said Kelechi Okoroha of the Mayo Clinic.

To avoid getting sidelined from an overhead sports injury, focus on good mechanics and avoid fatigue. When you’re tired, you make mistakes.

One other note, if your shoulder or your elbow hurts, sports medicine experts say don’t try to power through it. Give it a rest.

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