How to prepare for a colonoscopy


(WYTV)- A colonoscopy is an exam doctors use to detect changes in your large intestine, or colon.

Doctors look for the the first signs of cancer.

But you may have heard that preparing for the colonoscopy is worse than the exam itself.

Let’s show you how to prepare for this exam and how to make it a little easier:

Your doctor will ask you to clean out or empty your colon, you’ll drink a liquid laxative.
You might also have to use the laxative prep both the night before and the morning of your colonoscopy.

This is your once in 10 years examination to try and find the polyps that are going to turn into bowel cancer. If your doctor asks you to split the dose and get up early, this is one of those times an early start is needed,” said Mayo Clinic gastrologist Dr. James East.

Your doctor may tell you to drink quite a bit of the laxative, maybe up to four quarts.
A few tricks to help it go down a little easier: premix it and let it get nice and cold in the fridge. Maybe add some clear citrus stuff to make it a bit more palatable.

Yes, you’re wheeled into surgery, you’re put under, it’s a big deal, yet routine, but it doesn’t happen often and it could save your life.

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