How to get half off a book at the airport bookstore


(WYTV) – You’re at the airport, waiting for your flight to board, and you might have been tempted to pick up that new bestseller — something to read on the plane. But then, no — you don’t want to spend the money. This might change your mind.

If you’ve done a lot of traveling, you may have noticed airport bookstores all pretty much look alike with snacks, souvenirs, newspapers and stacks of new, hardcover books.

These similar airport stores are all owned by the company Paradies Lagardère and they all take part in what’s called the “read and return” program.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Whenever you buy one of those books, you’ve got six months to finish it and bring it back to a Paradies Lagardère store. When you do, you get half the money back from your original purchase.

Buy that book you’ve been anxious to read on the plane or over the course of the trip. When you go to the airport for the flight back, return the book and get half your money back.

There’s more to this — the book you give back will be resold for half price.

If the book is not in great shape, the bookstore donates it to a library.

But this is important — you have to bring your original receipt to get your money back and the book needs to be in decent condition.

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