(WYTV)- Let’s say you’re a woman about to have a mammogram, but you’re also due for a flu shot and your coronavirus booster shot.

Should you spread all this out or can you do it all at one time?

Doctors say to consider spreading this out. Consider: some people can have swelling in their underarm where they receive either shot. That’s a normal sign the vaccine is working.

But that swelling could cause a false reading on a mammogram.

“We would recommend having your mammogram and then have your vaccine. That way, we avoid any confusion or any possibility if the lymph nodes do swell, we wouldn’t see that then on the mammogram,” said Mayo Clinic radiologist Kristin Robinson.

So swollen lymph nodes may mean breast cancer or they may mean a vaccine is working.
They generate an immune response so that your body can later recognize a certain virus or disease, and fight it in the future.

If the timing doesn’t work, and you need to get your immunizations first that’s okay but don’t put off your mammogram.

Just let your technician know what you’ve had done and when.