How much should you drink during a workout?


(WYTV) – Have you heard the expression “drink to thirst”? It’s a term you want to keep in mind when you’re working out, especially if it’s really warm outside.

It’s vital to stay hydrated when you exercise. How much should you drink, though? How little is too little and how do you know if you’ve overdone it?

“You can become dehydrated if you take in too little, and you can actually cause problems such as exercise-induced low sodium or hyponatremia if you take in too much. So the general rule of thumb, at this point among physicians, is ‘drink to thirst,'” said Sara Filmalter, a family medicine doctor at the Mayo Clinic.

The phrase means drink when you’re thirsty. Rather than planning out a certain amount of fluid to drink during your workout, your body is the best indicator of when you need to be hydrated.

Half of what you drink can be water and the rest can be a beverage that contains electrolytes without a lot of sugar. When you sweat, your body is losing fluid and electrolytes like sodium and chloride, so these drinks help put them back.

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