Buffalo Wings, celery, blue cheese dressing. Ever wonder why that seems a good combination?

The website Tasting Table tells us why. In 1964, Frank and Teressa Bellissimo ran a restaurant in Buffalo, New York, the Anchor bar.

Their adult son had a late night request one Friday: he and his friends were hungry.

Due to a mail-order mix-up, the Anchor Bar had a surplus of chicken wings.

Mom grabbed the wings, slapped on a marinade, skipped the breading and started frying.

She had some left over celery sticks from making a salad and put those on the plate plus some left over blue cheese dressing. She had no idea how it might taste.

It was wonderful and without realizing it, Teressa, with her celery, had picked the perfect compliment to wings.

Celery has lots of water and a crisp texture, a great contrast to the salt and fat of the wings. Add stick with blue cheese, if you’re a tourist.

Don’t ask for ranch or carrots: they’ll toss you out of a Buffalo bar for that.

And what do they call buffalo wings in Buffalo?

Just wings or chicken wings.