(WYTV) – Many of us have watched the Netflix series “The Crown” and we might imagine speaking as royalty does. Here are a few words to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in the company of Queen Elizabeth or Prince William.

If you must excuse yourself, never say, “Pardon me.” The royals never do. It’s always, “Sorry” or “Sorry, what?”

Need to find a toilet? If you’re looking for a restroom in Buckingham Palace, ask for the “loo” or the “lavatory.”

Perhaps you’ve been invited to join them on what we would call a “back patio.” No, no, no. The royal family always steps out onto the “terrace.”

And when at the palace, where do you hang out? While some Brits use the phrase “living room” to describe the main front room, as we do, the more common term is “lounge.” But the royal family doesn’t call it that, either. They’ll see you in the “drawing room” or “sitting room.”

So once you’re in the sitting room, where do you actually sit? Not on the “couch” — or at least don’t call it that, it’s so lower class. You rest your precious royal tush on the “sofa.”

The royals don’t say “perfume” either. Rather, they might say, “I love your scent.”

The word “refreshments” is just middle class. The royal family and others in the upper class simply have “food and drink.”

And if you like a treat after your food and drink, don’t ask for “dessert” or a “sweet.” The royals say we’re having “pudding.” It could be apple pie, but they call it pudding.

While we talk about our mothers and fathers, the royals always call their parents “mummy” and “daddy,” even as adults.